Amigurumi Cute Girl Doll free crochet pattern

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The most current amigurumi crochet toy models, we continue to meet you. In this article, a great amigurumi doll free crochet pattern is waiting for you.

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La Mia Diamond ip;

1 piece White (L001)
1 piece Gray (L162)
1 Pomegranate flower (L163)
1 pcs Skin color (L156)
1 piece Bordeaux (L065)
1pcs Yellow color (L003)
2.5 mm crochet hook
Fiber, Scissors, Needle

sc: single crochet
inc: Increase
dec: decrease
hdc: half double crochet
dc: Double crochet
vhdc: increase half double crochet
vdc: Increase double crochet
sl-st: slip-stitch
Blo: knit from the back loop


Legs, Body and Head

We start with white.

1)Magic ring into 6sc

2) 6inc (12sc)

3-8) 12sc

9-11) 12sc (Gray)

12-14) 12sc (White)

15-17) 12sc (Gray)

18-20) 12sc (White)

21-23) 12sc (Gray)

24-26) 12sc (White)

27-29) 12sc (Gray)

30-32) 12sc (White)

33-35) 12sc (Gray)

36-38) 12sc (White)

Leg one over. We connect the two legs by knitting the second leg in the same way and pulling 4 chains without cutting the rope. When we combine it we’ve reached 32 sc.

Now we continue our white rope for the body.

39-42) 32sc

We continue with the color of pomegranate flower.

43) 32sc

44) Blo 32sc

45) 32sc

46) One stitch decrease on both sides, we reach 30sc.

47) (We knit straight along the line) 30sc

48) On both sides of the stitch decrease, we reach 28sc.

49) 28sc

50) On both sides of the stitch decrease, we reach 26sc.

51) 26sc

52) On both sides of the stitch decrease, we reach 24sc.

53) 24sc

54) On both sides of the stitch decrease, we reach 22sc.

55) 22sc

56) On both sides of the stitch decrease, we reach 20sc.

57) On both sides of the stitch decrease, we reach 18sc.

You can fill the legs with the help of a skewer.58. On both sides of the stitch decrease, we reach 16sc.

Body’s over.

We’il get the head together with the body.

We continue our skin color rope.

59)On both sides of the stitch decrease, we reach 14sc.

60)(1sc, 1inc) * 7 (21) (Repeating brackets 7 times and reaching 21sc.)

61) (2sc,1inc)*7 (28)

62) (3sc,1inc)*7 (35)

63) (4sc,1inc)*7 (42)

64) (5sc,1inc)*7 (49)

65-75) 49sc

In this section we take a break and weave 10mm eyes between 71-72 rows, leaving 7sc empty in the middle. Seal the eyes with a lighter. Mouth, 4 lines below the eyes, centering the process.

76) (5sc,1dec)*7 (42)

77) (4sc,1dec)*7 (35)

78) (3sc,1dec)*7 (28)

79) (2sc,1dec)*7 (21)

80) (1sc,1dec)*7 (14)

81) We’re closing the 7 decrease mesh along the line.

When closing the head, we pass the thread through the front loops and tighten it thoroughly. Shutdown process bit.


As Blo, we knit the first row of the skirt.

1) 32sc

2) 1sc, 1inc along the row

3) 2sc, 1inc along the row

4-10) Weaving the rows straight

11) (1sc, 1 space, 5dc, 1 space) We repeat throughout the row.


1) Magic ring into 16dc (White)

2) We make 16 peanuts (Burgundy)

3) We make 16 peanuts (Pomegranate flower)

We’re done. We fix our motif to the body with needles.

Handles (2 pieces)

We start with the skin color.

1) Magic ring into 5sc

2) 5inc (10)

3-5) 10sc

6) (3sc, 1dec) * 2 (8)

7-20) 8sc

Pomegranate flower color continue.

21-22) 8sc

We fold our braid in half and cover it with 4sc. We cut our rope long.


We knit with our burgundy rope.

1) Magic ring into 6sc

2) 6inc (12)

3) 1sc, 1inc (18)

4-7) 18sc

9) We’re knitting and knitting 14sc. We pull out 4 chains and combine them with SL-ST.

We’re sewing shoes on our baby’s legs.


It consists of 1 wig and 2 curls. We knit 3 pieces in total.


1) Magic ring into 6sc

2) 6inc (12)

3) (1sc,1inc)*6 (18)

4) (2sc,1inc)*6 (24)

5) (3sc,1inc)*6 (30)

6) (4sc,1inc)*6 (36)

7) (5sc,1inc)*6 (42)

8) (6sc,1inc)*6 (48)

9) (7sc,1inc)*6 (54)

10-14) 54sc

15) (sc, hdc, dc, vdc, dc, hdc, dc, sc, sl-st)*3


1) We pull 55 chains.

2) We knit 1sc, 1inc along the row.

3) We weave vhdc along the line.

First we sew the curls on the wig.

Then we sew the wig on our baby’s head.

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